About us

About Us & Our Values

Bal Manch is an initiative by Ehsaas to create a space for the children of India, where they can showcase and share their talents and achievements with their peers and the rest of the world. Bal manch is meant to occupy the empty space left due to the absence of responsible media meant for the children of India.

The literal meaning of 'Ehsaas' is 'realization'. Ehsaas was founded in 2002 by like-minded individuals under the leadership of General Secretary Shachi Singh, with the realization that there are uncountable children living in difficult circumstances where their rights are violated every day, and, that we owe them a society and system that is child friendly, so that they can lead a life of fulfillment and dignity. Ehsaas has done pioneering work in the field of Child Rights, especially child protection in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India at juvenile, societal and political levels.

Our Mission

To make sustainable rights-based interventions at familial, societal and political levels to ensure that the rights of children, especially those in difficult or vulnerable circumstances, are upheld and honored. It is our belief that the development and standardization of best practices that focuses on the highest quality of care and efficiency, will drive better outcomes and expand care to far more individuals in need around Uttar Pradesh.

What We Do...

Ehsaas works towards protecting the rights of children with a holistic approach, from reuniting children with their families, to providing temporary and permanent shelters for homeless children. We provide Counselling, Vocational Training and Academic Education facilities to rehabilitate the Children we work with, run skill development programs for Families and build stakeholder capacity on Child Rights through orientation programs.

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